Adding a Counts Report widget to your HMIS home screen

In Community Services users have the ability to setup customized Counts Reports on their Home Page Dashboard. Some examples of available Counts Reports are "My Clients" "Outstanding Incoming Referrals" "Clients with an Entry but no Exit."  Unlike BusinessObjects reports, the Counts Reports do not require data to be "refreshed" before it is accessible. Each user can configure up to four reports on their own dashboard. Read on for step-by-step instructions!

1. On the Home Page Dashboard, click on the  Customize Home Page Dashboard at the bottom of the screen:

2. Click  Add Counts Report

3. Click the Edit Pencil icon on the Counts Report box. 

4. Select the Report Name you would like in the Top-Left box of the Count Report 

5. One of the Counts Report for users who will be accepting referrals from Hennepin Family Shelter team is  Outstanding Incoming Referrals. This report lists all outstanding referrals made TO the specified providers during the specified date range. An outstanding referral is one that has not had a service provided, the need status is not ‘Closed,’ the need outcome is not ‘Fully Met,’ and the referral outcome is not ‘Accepted,’ ‘Declined,’ or ‘Canceled.’

6. When using the  Outstanding Incoming Referrals Counts Report, select the following:

  • Select Dates: All Dates
  • Provider Type: Provider
  • Provider: Search for the housing provider that the Priority List Manager will be sending Coordinated Entry referrals to. 

7. If you need to setup multiple Counts Reports click on Top-Right and choose the next count you would like on your dashboard. Repeat steps 4-6 for the remaining available Dashlets. 

8. Click Save at the top of the Home Page Dashboard:

9. The numbers that appear in the Counts Report are hyperlinks that, when clicked on will open a pop up window and a list of clients that are in the count. The client ID numbers are hyperlinks to the client’s file.

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