How do HMIS user licenses work?

How do HMIS user licenses work? 

Anyone who uses HMIS must complete training to obtain their own license – sharing of licenses or passwords is strictly prohibited.  Users who work at multiple agencies will need a separate user license for each agency where they use HMIS.

How much do user licenses cost and how do I pay for them? 

A standard user license costs $225 per year and needs to be renewed annually; users with an ad hoc reporting license - which enables them to build and modify reports - have a license cost of $275 per year, or $50 more than a standard user. All users at your agency will have the same license expiration date and you will receive an invoice for all of your current user licenses (even inactive licenses) the month before they expire. If the invoice is not paid before the license expiration date, your users will not be able to access HMIS. Please be sure to keep ICA updated if there are any changes to your agency’s billing contact information so we can ensure that we are sending invoices to the correct person in a timely manner!  

What do I need to do if one of my HMIS users no longer needs a license? 

To maintain the security of the data in HMIS,  your agency must notify ICA’s helpdesk within 24 hours when a user leaves the agency or no longer needs to use HMIS so that we can deactivate the user’s license and prevent them from accessing HMIS. When you contact the Helpdesk, please let us know whether you want to keep the user’s license assigned to your agency so it can be transferred to a new user once they complete training.  If you will not have another user that needs a license soon, we can delete the license and credit your agency for any time remaining on the license at that point. 

How do I get an HMIS user license for myself or a member of my staff? 

Before a user can get an HMIS license, they will need to complete our online HMIS User Training to learn how to enter client data and generate reports for your agency; both new and returning users are required to participate in training. Once your user has completed training, they will be set up with a user account on the ServicePoint live site. If your agency does not have any open licenses available to assign to a new user, we will set your user up with a brand-new license and send your agency a separate invoice for a prorated license fee to cover the time between when your user completed training and your agency’s annual license renewal date. If your agency has an unused license available to be transferred to the new user, no additional money would be owed until your next annual license renewal date.

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