How can I make the most of my HMIS data?

Collecting, inputting, and cleaning HMIS data takes time. Why not make the most of that effort and use HMIS data for more than just required funder reporting? Using HMIS data to evaluate program performance is a great way to do just that!

Q: That sounds great, where do I start?
A: Check out this resource on breaking down datasets, as well as this guide on facilitating meaningful conversations about data.

Q: This still feels a little daunting.  Is there one report I can start with?
A: You’ll want to start with the Minnesota Core Homeless Programs report, which includes a lot of common outcome measures.  Read a detailed overview of the report and try out this exercise using your agency’s data.

Q: How do I find out about other reports that are available?
A: We have a tool for that!  Check out this primer on REPORTcollection.

Q: What if there aren’t any reports that provide the data I need in the format I need it?
A: If existing reports don’t provide the data you need in the format you need it, you can submit a custom report request.  Be prepared to provide a mockup of what you need – if you get stuck with that, contact the Helpdesk!

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