030 MN Core Homeless Programs Report

 In 2017, ICA engaged CoC and state homeless program partners in envisioning a core report across all projects that would have value and wide applicability. This report would not replace all currently required reports but encompass what each program had in common. Due to it's versatility the MN Core Homeless Programs Report is our most suggested report on the helpdesk. 

Who should be scheduling the report?

  • This report can be run by virtually anyone- as long as there are entry/exits or services recorded in the provider during the date range selected. 
  • Program managers, executive directors, CoC Coordinators, supervisors, and county and state homeless program managers will find this report useful.

Why? What questions can this report answer

  • Use this report to understand your program’s characteristics. 
  • What a population served during a time period looks like. Contains demographic information by individuals and by households. 
  •  If used routinely, the Core Report can assist program evaluation and monitoring and track changes over time. 
  • Click here for more questions the report can answer. It's a lot! 

What is unique to this report? 

  • Printable! 
  • Sort-friendly: easy to sort in Excel 
  • All project types
  • Summary (aggregate) and Detail (client-level) 
  • Keys at top of each tab (errors, data entry issues, logic) 
  • Singles & Families (HUD definition) 
  • Base population counts for subpopulation types
  • Consistent with HUD Data Standards, APR specifications, System Performance Measures
  • Cross tabulations by family type, subpopulations, outcomes 
  • NEW: includes detail for all program entries (not just the most current) for ease of analysis

Why would my data be excluded from the report?

  • Valid last transaction logic- limit transactions to most current (by unique ID) - to stop bloating of clients being counted multiple times on summary tabs. 
  • Errors- check the Keys at top of each tab in the report for explanation (errors, data entry issues, logic)

Where is this report located?

Folder path: SSA >> 0. Program Evaluation

Click here for REPORTcollection link

Report prompt information

  • Provider, CoC and Reporting Group  prompts cast a wide net- the more information you enter the more information it pulls. For example if you enter the CoC code it will include everything in the CoC (there is also retired CoC code as an option)  
  • Wide net prompts (Provider, CoC and Reporting Group)  can be narrowed by adding Program Type Code- if program type code is selected the report whittles group down to only include program type selected 
  • Dates: can be run for any length of time- it can be run for a point in time (even one day!) or longer period to get a picture of what clients looked like at that time
  • Limits to veterans only : If Yes is selected, this limits the report exclusively to Veterans (not everyone included in the entry) 
  •  Include Service Codes (in addition to BH1800 series): can use this to look at other service codes 
  • No Income Version of report does not contain income data to allow for faster run times on large data sets.
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