238 NOFA Scoring Tool Report

Developed by ICA Minnesota in 2019, this report is designed to support the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development’s annual Notice of Funding Availability competition, commonly known as the NOFA. Its purpose is to enable CoC Coordinators and project committees to efficiently and transparently review project-level performance. 

Who should be scheduling the report? 

The 238 NOFA Scoring Report was written specifically for those who review and score HUD Continuum of Care-funded projects for the NOFA but can be run by other HMIS users. 

Others who may be interested in  using this report: 

  • CoC Coordinators or project review panel member:  Run the report for your CoC’s HUD-CoC funded providers
  • Homeless Programs Manager or Funder: Run the report for your grantee reporting group
  • Agency supervisor or evaluator:  Run the report for your agency reporting group.
  • CoC Data and Evaluation committee: Run the report for your CoC 

Depending on your purposes, you may need assistance to run this report with proper visibility. Contact the ICA MN Helpdesk for assistance running the report. 

Why? What questions can this report answer

  • Easy way to compare providers on select data points (apples to apples layout) 
  • Provides aggregate client counts by provider for essential elements such as select sub-populations, disabilities, LOT, Income, exit destination, select DQ errors, and PIT counts. 

What is unique to this report? 

  •  It's layout!  It is structured so that a CoC Coordinator or other scorer could easily set it side-by-side with their community’s scoring criteria and efficiently review and rate projects’ performance. 
  • This report is designed to be easily sortable in Excel.
  • It includes only criteria that at least one CoC considers in its funding competition; it does not contain data elements other than those used for project scoring
  • Provider-level calculations and last client transaction in each provider. Since the report is intended to be run for multiple providers, this allows for comparison and eliminates the need to run a report for each provider. In this report, if a client was served by two providers in the reporting period, their data will appear for both providers.

Where is this report located?

Folder path: SSA >> 1. HUD Mandates >> NOFA

Click here for REPORT Collection link

Prompt information

  • Dates and program type code are pre-populated - keep an eye on these when scheduling
  • Wide net prompts- Provider, + CoC Code + Retired CoC Code + Reporting Group (adding each of these adds to the report) 
  • Narrow net prompts - Federal Partner Program, and Program Type Code 
  • The current version of this report works only for providers that use Entry/Exit workflow, will not display data for a provider that only uses Service Transactions

Want more information? 

For additional information see NOFA Scoring Tool report manual at the REPORTcollection link and and video guide!

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