054 Returns to Homelessness Report

The 054 Returns to Homelessness report a tool that demonstrates, by provider, group, or CoC, the rate of returns to homelessness for clients previously served. It accounts for statewide returns to homelessness, and displays both returns from exits to permanent destinations and returns from exits to any destination. It also contains several tables with demographic characteristics. 

Why? What questions can this report answer

  • This report accounts for statewide returns to homelessness 
  • It displays both returns from exits to permanent destinations and returns from exits to any destination.
  •  Demographic characteristics- this report contains demographic tables
  • Variable return window: can run this report for a shorter or longer return window

What is unique to this report? 

  • For a client to be pulled into this report they need to have an exit during the report period. The entry can be before the start of the period, and then returns will look at the first exit date the client has during the period.  
  • See all exits, then exits to permanent housing on the exits to perm. tab in the report 
  • Days to Reappear: If blank, client did not return. Otherwise, this column counts the days between exit and the first reappearance into ES, SH, SO, or TH.
  • Each reappearance measured from first exit to reappearance date. There could be multiple reappearances but report shows only the first exit and that's the date that it calculates against  

Key Terms: 

Where is the report located?

Folder path: SSA >> 5. Agency - Level >> Program Evaluation 

Click here for REPORTcollection link

Prompt information

See page 3 of the report manual for complete prompt information. The prompts for this report are nuanced, and the report manual contains a table with a definition and notes for each prompt. 

Notes on completing report prompts: 
  • Focus on the report period end date- this is the important choice to calculate the reappearance period 
  • Maximum # days between Exit and First Return cannot be greater than 730 days for reappearance cutoff- this is hardcoded!
  • Make sure to not undercut the Reappearance cutoff date- this affects how many reappearances/time frame the report is looking at for reappearances  
  •  Reappearance Cutoff Date chosen needs to work in harmony with Maximum # days between Exit and First Return

Why might my data be excluded from the report? 

  • If you select Limit to CoC Funded Projects Only? and your provider is not HUD CoC funded 
  • If the provider has a CoC Code end date entered in provider admin
  • If there is a discrepancy in the report prompts- take your time when filling out the prompts for this report. 

Want more information? 

Link to 054 Returns to Homelessness Manual: click here

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