076 HUD Data Quality Framework Report (0640)

This report provides information about both missing data (Data Completeness) and accuracy (Data Quality). Prompts allow the user to specify a date range and to select the provider(s) on which to base the report. The report includes a detail section to assist users in finding and fixing data entry omissions. 

Who should be scheduling the report

Any user who is interested in a data quality report! Keep in mind there are 3 versions of this report: 

  • v7 (MN v2019.6) - includes income  
  • v7 (MN v2019.6 No Income) - can be run for larger data sets, does not include income 
  • v7 (MN v2019.6 Fed Partner Prompt) - limits to federal partner fund. This version should not be run at the provider level.

Why? What questions can this report answer

  • Data quality questions!
  • Chronic Homelessness questions
    • Look at the Summary tab, then look at Tab H - Detail Q5 for 3.917 corrections (this is more information than you will see on the APR, which makes it easier to fix data entry errors)
  • Report card on what error rates are highest and what needs to be fixed.  

What is unique to this report? 

  • Can be run at the CoC level - but may be more effective at granular level for targeted cleanup (for one provider or a reporting group) 
  • There are error tabs with headers - very descriptive and very helpful to review to check errors
  • Night by Night can be selected for emergency shelter, or entry exit. NbN- looks for the entry exit that also has a service (but doesn't duplicate these) 
  • Street outreach events pull into report (Note: needs date of engagement to qualify
  • Flags don't know, client refused, data not collected responses
  • Masks client data
  • Shows income at entry, income as of interim, income at exit review 

Where is the report located ?

Folder path: SSA >> 2. MN Data Quality Tools

Click here for REPORTcollection link

Prompt information

  • Provider (Note: If your provider is not showing up, there may be a configuration issue. Please reach out to the Helpdesk)
    • This casts a wide net and this overrides program type code, superseding all filters but emergency shelter
  • Program Type Code: Entering a Program Type limits Reporting Group or CoC Code to the Program Type code
  • Reporting group or CoC Code: Selecting one of these widens the report results to look for information that fits into the selected group or CoC.
  • Retired CoC Code: ICA only use
  • Date range - This report can be run for a variable time period. Quarterly, one year, etc. 
    • Note: Large CoCs or very long report period may cause the report to time out, if this happens schedule the no-income version of this report, or schedule each quarter separately, or schedule at off peak hours  
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