266 CES Monitoring Report

The 266 CE Monitoring report summarizes HMIS Coordinated Entry data to help CoCs identify strengths and gaps in their Coordinated Entry systems and inform resource planning.

The report focuses on the following three of four Coordinated Entry core elements noted in HUD’S Coordinated Entry Core Elements Guidebook:   Assessment, Prioritization and Referral. 

Who should be scheduling the report

  • ICA staff - this report is used to create the MN Coordinated Entry dashboard, specifically the detail tabs!
  • ServicePoint users with System Administrator II level ART access- other users should contact the helpdesk to have this report scheduled for them. 

Why? What questions can this report answer

  • Who was on the priority list across time. This is different from the Priority List because the Priority List report shows "as of now". 
  • How long was a client on the priority list?
  • Questions involving demographics information- singles, households, gender, age groups, race, ethnicity, county, VI-SPDAT score
  • Are there disparities in referrals? Disparities in Exits? Sub-population and demographic information broken out by race and ethnicity

What is unique to this report? 

  • Designed to be run for a period of time
  • Deduplication: In the report’s summary tables, deduplication is used to eliminate duplicate copies of repeating data. Different rules for deduplication are used throughout the report; the full report guide provides detail on where deduplication is used and how summary table counts are produced. 
  • Client Counts: Only Heads of Household are counted in this report. A Head of Household is a person whose Relationship to Head of Household is indicated as Self, or is blank and the person was served alone, at the time of their Coordinated Entry project entry.

Where is this report located?

Folder path: SSA >> 6. Coordinated Entry >> Monitoring and Evaluation

click here for REPORTcollection link

Prompt information

  • Earliest start date for this report is 3/23/2020 - do not run this report for an earlier time period!
  •  County of Primary (Current) Residence is an option 
  • Specific SLC prompts for North, South or Both 
  • ICA provider is an override for every other report prompt 

Want more information? 

Link to full 266 CES Monitoring Report user guide: click here

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