The Homeless Programs Reporting Schedule

ICA has created a tool, with three views, that shows which reports are required for homeless program submissions. Similar to REPORTcollection, it is organized by report name, audience, location, description, and report code. It’s easily searchable and can be filtered several ways. Consider it a one stop shop to quickly reference upcoming reporting deadlines. 

You can use one of the following views of the Deadline Tool to quickly reference reporting deadlines for you Homeless Program(s):

  1. Deadlines Next 3 Months - This table view displays reports with upcoming submission deadlines in the next 3 months, organized by homeless programs. Note: The dates are limited to 10 days ago through 90 days from today. 
  2. All Report Deadlines - This table view displays all reporting deadlines within a year, organized by homeless programs.
  3. Submission Deadline Calendar - This is a calendar view with all reporting deadlines.

Here’s how the tool is organized: 

  • Report Dates by Submission Deadline - Displays each report with an upcoming submission deadline, by program, and the dates for reporting period start and end. 
  • Reports to Run - The reports required to run according to the reporting guideline
  • Submission Deadline - The due date for submitting the reports
  • Run Period Start / Run Period End - The date range to run the reports for. Use this to fill out report prompts in ART 
  • Program - The funding source
  • Entity Running Report - Who is responsible for running the required reports
    • "Grantee" refers to the agencies responsible for the reporting requirements mandated by the funder 
  • Entity Receiving Report - Who you are submitting the reports to
    • "Internal preparation" in Entity Receiving Report - this means you are running the report to prep for data quality. These reports are not submitted 
  • Notes - Any additional information 

Airtable Tips 

You have the ability to Filter, Sort and Print the Airtable view via options on the top bar: 

  • Filters allow you to hide certain records from a view depending on values in their fields.
  • You can also choose to show or hide specific fields, which allows you to focus on a smaller subset of relevant fields without changing or deleting any of the underlying data.
  • The order in which records appear is also specific to a view. You can manually rearrange records, or you can apply a sort so that your records appear in a particular order according to the values in specific fields.

(From " Getting started: customizing your first view" Airtable support article)

For any additional questions on reporting periods, due dates, and changes to requirements, refer to communications from your funder. For ServicePoint or ART questions contact the helpdesk

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