233 Client History Report

The  MIN-00-CMM-233 - Client History report generates a list of the HMIS Entry/Exits and Service Transactions recorded for the specified provider(s) and/or client(s) within the designated date range.
The Summary tab gives you a quick look at how many clients had Entry/Exits and/or Service Transactions in your provider(s). Each row on the Detail tab represents a single transaction, and contains identifying information including the transaction's type and start and end dates.

Who should be scheduling the report?

  • This report can be run by anyone! 
  • Case managers, program supervisors, and program managers may find this report especially useful.

Why? What questions can this report answer?

Have you ever wanted to run a report to see how many clients your provider had entered during a specific period of time? If so, this is the report for you! 

This report can also be used for documenting a client's history of homelessness. This can be helpful when gathering documentation to verify if a client meets the definition of chronically homeless, as well as the long term homelessness (LTH) definition that Minnesota uses. 

What is unique to this report? 

  • Printable!
  • Sort-friendly: easy to sort in Excel
  • Summary (aggregate) and Detail (client-level)
  • All project types


Folder path: SSA >> 5. Agency - Level >> Case Management 

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Prompt information

The prompts for the 233 Client History report are the kind that cast a wider net the more of them you complete.

  • Provider and Reporting Group prompts cast a wide net - the more information you enter, the more information it pulls. Selecting a provider or reporting group would show all data for the applicable provider(s). If you select a Client ID too, it would show all data for the applicable provider(s) AND all data for the selected client.
  • Wide net prompts (Provider and Reporting Group) can be widened even further by adding a Project Type - if project type is selected it would show all data for the the applicable provider(s) AND all data for all providers of that project type.
  • The narrowest net you can cast for this report is by selecting a Client ID and leaving the Provider and Reporting Group prompts empty. The client ID must be a numeric value! When selecting the Enter Client ID(s) prompt for your report, click the 'Add' button after entering the client ID number and then click 'Submit'. Tip: you can add multiple client ID numbers, but they must be added individually. 
  • Dates: this report can be run for any length of time - it can be run for a point in time (even one day!) or longer period to get a picture of what providers or clients looked like at that time.

Want more information? 

If you are using the 233 Client History report to document chronic homelessness, you may find these additional resources useful: 

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