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  1. Who submits this report?
  2. Obtain a Coordinated Entry Annual Performance Report (CE APR) from HMIS.
  3. Test the file in the Sage HMIS Reporting Repository (Sage).
  4. Upload the file to Sage.

Who submits this report?

  • All SSO-CE grant recipients are required to use HMIS or a comparable database for their CE project(s).
  • All CoC program SSO-CE grant recipients are required to submit the newest version of the CE APR as of October 1, 2021. The newest version of the CE APR requires a CSV upload.
  • The CE APR CSV is a system-wide report and must be generated on the entire CE system
    • If a VSP is part of the CoC's CE system, a CE APR CSV must also be generated by [the] VSP and submitted with the CE APR.

Source: HMIS Lead and System Administrator Webinar - December 15th, 2021

Obtain a Coordinated Entry Annual Performance Report (CE APR) from HMIS

To access the Coordinated Entry Annual Performance Report, click on the  Reports link in the navigation menu - found on the left side of the Community Services window - to open the Report Dashboard. Optionally, you can instead click on the arrow next to the Reports navigation menu link, then select Coordinated Entry APR from the list of reports that appears.

With the report open, complete the following prompts:

  • CoC Code: Your region's CoC Code
  • Scope: System-wide (Important! The CE APR is intended to be run for an entire region)
  • Program Date Range: Your grant's reporting date range
  • Entry/Exit Types: Check all boxes. This will ensure that the maximum number of clients are counted in the report

Once the prompts have been filled out, click on the Build Report button: A new entry will appear in the Report Run History section with a Report Status of "Running" (A). Click on the Refresh button (B) to check whether the report has finished running. When its status has changed to "Completed," click on the magnifying glass (C) to load the report.

The CE APR is composed of several tables that contain metrics specific to Coordinated Entry systems. Like the CoC APR and ESG CAPER, the report also includes a basic data quality check. When you have finished reviewing the report, click on the  Download button to download a .zip file to your computer. (Important! Do not try to open the .zip file as that will cause Sage to reject the upload.)

Test the file in the Sage HMIS reporting repository (Sage)

The CE APR tables can be checked for coding or counting issues by uploading a copy of your .zip file to Sage's test page.

If Sage finds an issue with your test upload, it will display an error code. For assistance in troubleshooting error codes, please submit a question to HUD's Ask a Question portal or Minnesota's HMIS Helpdesk.

You may be redirected to the demonstration version of Sage after testing your upload ( If this happens, you will have to navigate to to access the Sage live site.

Upload the file to Sage

Once the validity of the CE APR .zip file has been verified, you can log into Sage and upload it. If you have not utilized Sage before, it may be necessary to create a new account.

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