Remove a Client From a Priority List


When a person moves into housing or ceases being considered for Coordinated Entry housing opportunities for another reason, they should be removed from the Priority List. If the person in question is the head of their household, then all household members must be removed from the Priority List.

Data Entry Steps

To remove a client from the Priority List, exit them from their Coordinated Entry Assessment or Priority List program entry.
Screenshot: The name of the Entry/Exit program will include the words "Coordinated Entry Assessment" or "Priority List" (A) and the Exit Date field will be empty (B).

PLEASE NOTE: Clients should only ever have a single open Coordinated Entry Assessment or Priority List Entry/Exit for a Continuum of Care (CoC) region. As a result of a data entry mistake, a client may have more than one open Entry/Exit, so double-check to make sure that exit dates have been given to all appropriate Entry/Exits.

If one or more members of a household will be staying on the Priority List, add an interim update to the program entry and record the household's new composition in the assessment. Close the assessment when you are finished making those updates.
Screenshot: The Household Composition question series is used to determine how many household members are seeking housing.
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