ESG-CV Reporting and Data Clean-Up

In December of 2021, ICA MN held a Special Session for ESG-CV providers to discuss reporting and do some refresher training on data quality checks and HMIS data entry workflows. If you missed the session, you can find the recording here, but you can find the highlights from the session in the article below.


  • Reporting occurs quarterly:
    • January (covers October 1 – December 31)
    • April (covers January 1 – March 31)
    • July (covers April 1 – June 30)
    • October (covers July 1 – September 30)

    • ICA does the actual pulling of the CAPER reports on behalf of agencies, so they don’t need to worry about submitting a report in SAGE for ESG-CV projects – but they DO need to make sure their data is fully entered and cleaned up in HMIS!

    • You can find a calendar of important dates regarding reporting here.

How to Check Data Quality:

  • Use the canned CAPER report in ServicePoint to check Data Quality – it has DQ checks built-in.
  • To find canned reports, click on the Reports tab on the grey left-hand menu once you've logged into HMIS:  
  • Click on the ESG CAPER, complete the required prompts, then click on Build Report. 
    • Provider Type: Select "Provider" if you are looking at a single project provider's data.
    • Provider: Select Search, then find the provider or reporting group whose data you would like to include in the report
    • Program Date Range: Enter the report’s start and end dates.
    • Entry/Exit Types: Select both HUD and Basic
    • Sections 6a – 6f of the CAPER are focused on data quality. To view client records flagged as containing an error, click on the blue number in the desired cell.
    • Note that if you make a correction in a client record and then re-run the CAPER, you will see that correction updated in the report immediately. You do not have to wait for an ART refresh to see if your corrections “worked” since this report is not coming out of ART.

ESG-CV Workflow

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