Service Transaction Canned Report

Date Created: 06/22/2022 | Date Updated: 06/22/2022


The Service Transaction report can be used to view a list of the services provided to clients within a specific period.

Report Run Steps

  1. Open the Report
  2. Build the Report
  3. Review the Report Results
  4. Download the Report

 Step 1. Open the Report

  1. Select Reports from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen to open the Report Dashboard.
  2. Select Service Transaction from the Provider Reports section.

 Step 2. Build the Report

  1. On the Report Options screen, fill out the following prompts:
    1. Provider: Select the provider that created the service transactions.
    2. Provider Search Type: Choose The selected provider ONLY.
    3. Services: If you are looking for a specific transaction type, check its box. Otherwise, just check the Services Provided by my provider (Non-shelter stays) box.
    4. Service Code: If you are looking for a specific service type, select it here. Leaving this prompt blank will cause the report to pull in all transactions recorded by the provider.
    5. Need Date Range: Enter the report's start date and end date. Only service transactions created within that time period will appear in the report.
    6. Service Provided Date Range: Enter the same dates used for the Need Date Range prompt.
    7. Need Outcome: If you are looking for a specific need outcome, select it here. Otherwise, leave this prompt set to All.
  2. Click on Build Report when all of the prompts have been filled out.

 Step 3. Review the Report Results

  1. The report’s results will appear in the Service Transaction table. Use the navigation buttons to move between pages of report results.
  2. Click on a client’s name to jump to their record or a need type to open the associated service transaction.

 Step 4. Download the Report

  1. Click on Download Results to download an Excel-ready version of the report.
  2. When the report finishes downloading, it will appear in a zipped folder in File Explorer. Double-click on the .zip file, which looks like a folder, then open the .csv file you find within.
  3. Before doing anything with the report, make sure that you save a new copy using the Microsoft Excel file format (.xlsx). This will ensure that any formatting or calculation changes you make will be preserved.
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