Client Served Canned Report


The Client Served Report is a built-in, canned report available within Community Services (formerly ServicePoint) that looks at Service Transactions recorded in HMIS for a particular project. This report does not look at Entry/Exit records.

Report Run Steps

  1. Open the Report
  2. Build the Report
  3. Review the Report Results
  4. Download the Report

Step 1. Open the Report

  1. Select Reports from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen to open the Report Dashboard.

  2. Select Client Served Report from the Provider Reports section.

Step 2. Build the Report

  1. On the Report Options screen, fill out the following prompts:
    1. Reporting Group: (optional) If you're running the report for a reporting group, you can select it here. If not, just skip down to Provider and select the provider for which you're running the report.
    2. Provider: Select the provider that created the service transactions. If pulling this report by a Reporting Group, skip down to the next prompt and leave this one null.
      • Keep “This provider only” radio button selected.
    3. Services:
      • Services Provided (other than shelter or referred services): This is the default selection and typically can be left as is unless the user is looking specifically at Shelter Stays or Referrals.
      • Shelter Stays: Select Shelter Stays if your project uses ShelterPoint and you want to pull a report on Shelter Stays.
      • Referrals Served by Selected Provider(s): Select Referrals Served by Selected Provider to see clients served through referrals recorded on the Service Transactions tab.
    4. Grouping: Do not change this, keep as defaulted to Clients Receiving Services as a Family.
    5. Funding Source: (optional) Select the correct fund that is associated with the project that this report is for if applicable.
    6. Service Code: (optional) Typically, this will be left blank, but you can select specific services if you'd like the report to show only those clients who received a specific type of service.
    7. Served Date Range: Enter the reporting period for which you want to review services entered.
    8. Served Before Date Range (Old Client Count): Do not enter anything here.
    9. Treat Open-Ended Services/Referrals as 1-day Services: Leave as “Yes”
    10. Legal Adult Age: Leave at 18
  2. Click on Build Report when all of the prompts have been filled out.

Step 3. Review the Report Results

  1. The report’s results will appear under Report Details. You can see data pulled by gender, race, and ethnicity.
  2. The first three tables of this report are:
    1. Clients Served
    2. Family Members Served
    3. Singles Served
      • Within these tables, you can understand the gender breakdown of those served.
      • As we advised you to leave the Served Before Date Range (Old Client Count) report prompt null, nothing will appear in the Old columns of these tables.

  3. At the bottom of this report, you can see the Service Count and Service Type pulled into the report based on your prompts. Here are a few notes about which services will appear here:
    1. Services will appear here even if a Funding Source and Amount fields within the Service Transactions tab on a client record are null.
    2. If a project completes the Funding Source and Amount fields on client records within the Service Transactions tab, the Funding Source, Total Cost, and Average Cost columns will populate.
    3. The report prompts of this report allow you to filter data on a particular Service Code and/or Funding Source.

Step 4. Download the Report

  1. Click on Print to download a PDF version of the report.

  2. Follow the prompts to select “Save as PDF”. 
  3. Click on Save.
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