Date of Birth Error

If you’ve checked the client record and the Date of Birth (DOB) isn’t missing, something else is going on! A DOB error is commonly caused by a client’s Project Start Date occurring before the client’s DOB. If you have confirmed the client’s DOB is accurate, you will need to correct the Project Start Date.

  1. Enter EDA to the correct provider and open the Head of Household's record. (Note: You do not need to be in back date mode when correcting this error.)
  2. Navigate to the Entry/Exit tab, click on the edit pencil to the left of the Project Start Date to open the Entry Assessment. Click on Save & Continue in the first pop-up.
  3. At the top of the " Entry/Exit Data" window, click the edit pencil for the client who has the DOB error.
  4. In the “ Edit Project Start Date” pop-up window, uncheck all clients except the client with the DOB error.
  5. Change the Project Start Date to the date the client joined, then click Save & Continue. The client’s Project Start Date should either match their DOB or be after their DOB.
  6. Confirm that Entry Assessment data for the client is correct, then click Save & Exit

For more information about households, please review the article about adding new household members to an existing Entry/Exit record or review the “Adding a newborn baby to the household” section in the Households How-to Guide.

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