Resolve a Housing Referral


When you determine that a referral is successful - with the referred client and your agency agreeing to work together to secure housing - or that the referral is unsuccessful, record that result in HMIS.

Data Entry Steps

Record the Referral's Result
  1. Click on Enter Data As and select the housing provider that was issued a referral.
  2. Open the record of the referred client. When the Back Date Mode pop-up appears, select Use Current System Date.
  3. Go to the Entry/Exit tab and find the client's Coordinated Entry Assessment. Add a new interim update to that Entry/Exit.
    Screenshot: The name of the Entry/Exit program will include the words "Coordinated Entry Assessment" or "Priority List" (A) and the Exit Date field will be empty (B). Click on the Interims icon to create a new assessment update (C).
  4. In the client's assessment, scroll down to the Coordinated Entry Event section and find your housing program's referral. Click on its edit pencil to open a referral pop-up window.
    Screenshot: Check the Location of Housing Referral, Housing Provider Contact, and Date Referral Acknowledged fields to locate your referral (A). The Referral Result and Date of Result fields will be blank (B).
  5. Select the correct Referral Result and enter the resolution date in the Date of Result field. If the referral was unsuccessful, select the most accurate reason explaining why from the If Unsuccessful, Reason drop-down menu. Click on Save when you are finished.
    Screenshot: Every referral should have a Referral Result (A) and a Date of Result (C). Only unsuccessful referrals should have a documented reason (B).
  6. Scroll down to the Current Living Situation section. If you made contact with the client and know where they are currently staying, click on Add and record a new Current Living Situation value.
  7. When you are finished making updates, you can close the assessment.
Create a Program Enrollment (Successful Referrals ONLY)

When a referral is successful, with the referred client and your agency agreeing to work together to secure housing, you must create a program enrollment for the client on the Entry/Exit tab.

PLEASE NOTE: The Entry/Exit's Program provider should match the referral's Location of Housing Referral (A) and the Entry/Exit's Project Start Date should match the referral's Date of Result (B).

What Comes Next?

The next steps you need to take will depend on the referral's result:

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