Hennepin: Recording CoC 'Interest in Case Management'

Indicating interest in Housing Case Management in HMIS

HMIS users at Hennepin County operating homelessness projects can add residents to the Housing-focused Case Management Interest List. If you are talking with, encountering, or working with a client who is interested in housing-focused case management, you can indicate that in HMIS on the Care Coordination assessment. Read how to access this question in the next section. You do not need to complete the entire Care Coordination assessment in order to indicate someone’s interest in case management. However, you are welcome to fill out any information that can be helpful to communicate about the individual for the purposes of care coordination. See below to understand what is needed in order to document interest in housing-focused case management.

If someone is not in HMIS yet, you must first create a client record. Read more about Adding a New Client here.

Please note: Neither housing projects nor homelessness prevention projects have access to this assessment in HMIS. Please contact mnhmis@icalliances.org to request access. Click here to read more about the Care Coordination assessment. Additionally, the Adult Shelter Connect has access to this question on their ASC - HUD: ESG Entry for ES Assessment per their request. 

Case Management Interest Form in Hennepin CoC

  1. Enter EDA mode as the correct provider and open the client’s record in ClientPoint.
  2. Select Current System Date to see the most up-to-date information on the Care Coordination Assessment.
  3. Click on the Summary tab.
  4. At the bottom of this tab, you’ll see the Care Coordination in Hennepin CoC assessment.
  5. Under the Case Management Interest section header, answer the one question indicating either YES or NO. 

  6. If yes, ensure contact information is up-to-date under the Contact Information section that follows. 

  7. Be sure to share with the individual that selecting yes does not guarantee case management.

  8. The individual's response will show up on the appropriate Hennepin County By-Name List report for person’s experiencing homelessness. 

  9. Once a person who is in shelter or living unsheltered is added to the interest list, and as caseload openings become available, the team will follow up, confirm eligibility and then start working with them.

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