Using Enter Data As (EDA) Mode

When do I use Enter Data As (EDA)?

When inputting data into ServicePoint, remember to always select the correct "Enter Data As," or EDA, provider. You should click on Enter Data As to enter EDA mode every time you login to HMIS for data entry, and before searching for or creating any new client record. You should be in EDA mode to the specific provider where the client is being served. You should NEVER be entering client data into a provider that says “(No Data Entry)” in the name. 
Note: You do not need to be in EDA mode to run reports in BusinessObjects (BO).

How do I use Enter Data As (EDA)?

Login to the Minnesota HMIS site.
Before searching for a client or entering client information, select the correct provider to Enter Data As.
Click on Enter Data As. This option is located in the top right corner of the screen.
Select the provider where the client is being served by clicking on the green circle with a plus sign next to it.
Note: Please contact the Helpdesk if there is an EDA provider that you feel you should be able to access, but you do not see it in the list available to you.

Why is Enter Data As (EDA) Important?

Each provider is set up to specifically meet all your needs when it comes to the correct assessment, workflow, etc. On the backend of HMIS each provider has visibility and display settings assigned that are monitored and maintained by ICA.

If you fail to use the EDA function, much of the data you record will not populate into the reports for your provider, or HMIS may not function as smoothly as possible. When you are in EDA mode, the visibility and display settings are applied for that provider. This allows the application of correct visibility of data created while in EDA mode to a specific provider, as well as displaying the correct assessments and tabs throughout the client’s record while you are doing data entry. This also allows for application of statewide data sharing visibility settings allowing for a provider to either participate in statewide data sharing, or not participate in statewide data sharing by default.

Note: Approximately 10% of HMIS users in Minnesota have a project provider as their home provider. A project provider is a provider that is intended for data entry. For these users, they can think of themselves as in default Enter Data As mode to this provider. If your home provider displayed in the top left at login does NOT say “(No Data Entry),” and follows the project provider naming convention, your assigned home provider is a project provider. This means you do not have to use EDA mode every time you do data entry for that specific provider.

For more information on using EDA correctly, please view our General HMIS Instructions.

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