What is a Provider in HMIS?

Providers are the ❤️ of ServicePoint. Provider is the term for the part of ServicePoint used to organize data into groups for data entry and reporting purposes. An agency will have at least two providers to keep track of. Understanding where to enter your client data is crucial to client confidentiality and correct reporting. You can access a list of all ServicePoint providers in Minnesota's HMIS to find your agency’s providers. This list is updated on a regular basis.

If your agency’s program receives funding from two different sources, such as HUD CoC and MN Housing LTH, you need two providers set up in the system to report to both funders even though you may be reporting the same clients.

Need a New Provider in HMIS?

Every time you receive a new funding source that requires HMIS participation, a new provider will need to be created. To have a new provider added, you’ll need to submit a Provider Request Form (PRF) to your system administrator.

Deconstructing a Provider Name

The providers in Minnesota’s HMIS follow a naming convention. We’ve created a diagram to help you understand what each part of the provider name represents.

Project Provider Naming Convention

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