What should I do if my provider is closing or ending?

Date Created: 01/24/2019 | Date Updated: 07/26/2023

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Steps to take

If a project provider at your agency is no longer serving clients and needs to be closed in HMIS, please let the MN Helpdesk know! Before requesting your provider be closed, you should complete the following steps:


Run and submit all final reporting obligations for this provider to your funder. (Not sure which you need? You can review the user guides on our Forms and Instructions page to check!)


Confirm that there are no open client records in the closing provider by running a CoC APR or ESG CAPER and a Service Transactions report (see how to do this in the running reports section of this article).


Identify any clients with open  Entry/Exit records and/or Services and exit them prior to the last date the provider was operating.

After completing the previous steps, let the Helpdesk know by submitting a Close a Provider Request Form! Find the provider you need to close on this Request to Close a Provider view, which has a list of all active providers in MN's HMIS. Having the following information will be helpful when completing the request form:
  • Date the project closed (may be the grant end date, date stopped serving clients, or date that the agency or organization closed or lost funding)
  • Why is this provider closing?
  • Are the clients being transferred to a different service provider? If so, at the same agency or at a different agency?

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Running reports

You can find these reports by clicking on the Reports option in the left-hand menu of the HMIS home screen. The Report Dashboard is shown below:

Screenshot of the Provider Reports section of the Report Dashboard

Search for open Entry/Exit records:

Run the  CoC APR or ESG CAPER report to quickly identify any open Entry/Exits for the provider. When filling out the report(s), use the following prompts.

  • Reporting Group: Leave blank
  • Provider: The project provider you are closing
  • Program Date Range:
    • Start Date: Day after the project closed
    • End Date: Today’s Date
  • Entry/Exit Type: Check the boxes to include ALL Entry/Exit types

    Screenshot of the prompts available on the CoC APR and ESG CAPER reports

Search for open Services

Identify any open Service Transactions that need to be ended by using the  Service Transactions Report. When filling out the report(s), use the following prompts:

  • Provider search type: The selected provider ONLY
  • Provider: The provider being closed
  • Services: Select all (see image below)
  • Service Code: Skip; do not choose/select
  • Need Date Range, Service Provided Date Range:
    • Start Date: Day after the project closed
    • End date: Today's Date
  • Need Outcome: All

    Screenshot of the prompts available on the Service Transactions report

Resolving Open Entry/Exits or Services

If you identify data that needs to be closed out, follow these steps:

  1. Write down the list of client IDs based on your findings from the reports.
  2. EDA to the provider and add exit data to the client's Entry/Exit record and/or add an end date to the Service Transaction. The exit date or end date should be prior to the last date the provider was operating.
  3. Repeat until all client activity has been ended prior to the provider's operating end date.
  4. You can now request that the provider be closed!

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