BusinessObjects "Warehouse Build" FAQ

Date Created: 06/23/2022 | Date Updated: 08/01/2022

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What is a "warehouse build"?

A "warehouse build" or "refresh" is the process in which information is copied from Community Services to a secure storage location ("data warehouse") maintained by WellSky, the HMIS software vendor. These data transfers determine what client details can be pulled into BusinessObjects reports because, unlike the reports built into HMIS, BusinessObjects reports can only access information saved in its data warehouse.

Reports that are built into Community Services, like those listed in the Provider Reports section of the Report Dashboard, are not affected by BusinessObjects' warehouse builds.

How often does a warehouse build take place?

Data is copied from Community Services to BusinessObjects' storage location twice a day, Monday through Saturday. There are no warehouse builds on Sundays.

When will the data I entered appear in BusinessObjects reports?

Each transfer of data from Community Services to the BusinessObjects data warehouse takes approximately 1 1/2 hours:

  • Data entered into HMIS before midnight is typically accessible after the first build of the next day, which usually takes place by 2:00 a.m.
  • Data entered into HMIS before 10:00 a.m. is typically accessible after the second build of the day, which usually takes place by 12:00 p.m.

In the example above, only the early morning warehouse build has taken place, so data entered into HMIS after that build is not yet available to BusinessObjects reports.

Where can I see when the last build was completed?

There are two places in BusinessObjects where you can look to see when the last warehouse build was completed:

  • Folders: Find the minnesota_live_folder and check the timestamp in the Last Updated column.
  • User Settings: On the User Account screen, check the timestamp in the Password Last Changed field.

As evidenced by the two examples above, there may be a slight discrepancy between the reported completion time of the last build.

Tips & Tricks

  • Have a report coming due soon? Allow yourself plenty of time to review client data and make corrections before the report's due date.
  • Run reports regularly, reviewing client data and making corrections where needed. This practice offers a triple benefit, building HMIS skills, improving data quality, and increasing familiarity with program outcomes.

Please note: A report may fail to finish running if a warehouse build is completed while the report is being processed. You may also experience build-related issues that require you to close BusinessObjects and reopen it: for example, there is a known issue that prevents reports from being scheduled (i.e. nothing happens when the "Schedule" button is clicked).

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