Troubleshoot BusinessObjects Report Issues

Date Created: 06/24/2022 | Date Updated: 08/01/2022


Not seeing the data you were expecting in your BusinessObjects report? Try the troubleshooting recommendations proposed in this article to see if they can help identify the source of the problem!

Check the Report Version

Running an old version of a report can lead to a variety of issues, from minor miscounts to entire sections of the report failing to display data. You can compare your report version to the latest available version by comparing the value found on the Report Information tab to the version included in the report's name in its BusinessObjects folder. Report version information can also be found in the ReportCollection.

The Report Information tab includes important details, like prompt values and the report version.
In BusinessObjects, a report's version can be found appended to its name. To ensure that you are always running the latest version of a report, ICA recommends that users run that report directly from its BusinessObjects folder.

Review the Report Prompts

The values selected for a report's prompts will determine what information gets pulled into that report. If you are not seeing the information you expect to see in a report, visit the Report Information tab to review the prompt values you selected and to confirm they are correct.

Confirm the Last Warehouse Build Time

BusinessObjects reports can only access information that has been copied over to their secure data warehouse. If you recently entered data into HMIS, check the latest warehouse build time to confirm whether your updates have been included in a build.

Run a Community Services Report

Running one of the reports built into Community Services can help you answer a variety of troubleshooting questions, including...

  • Is recently entered data appearing correctly?
  • Is my BusinessObjects report counting everyone who was served by my program?
  • Has any data been entered for the specified provider(s)?

If you decide to use a Community Services report to cross-check a BusinessObjects report, be sure to run them both for the same provider or reporting group and the same time period.

The CoC APR is one of the Community Services reports ICA recommends users run when troubleshooting.

Please note: Unlike BusinessObjects reports, where you always add one day to the End Date, Community Services reports should always have an End Date that matches the actual end of the reporting period.

Other Troubleshooting Recommendations

  • Check the report's info card in the ReportCollection for known bugs.
  • Review our list of known BusinessObjects issues.
  • Look for an announcement in the System News section of your Home Page Dashboard. If there is a system-wide issue, we will post a message there as soon as possible.
  • Try logging out of Community Services, then logging back in.
  • Clear your web browser's cache or switch to a different browser.
  • Contact the Helpdesk ( So that we can offer the best possible assistance, we recommend the following:
    • Schedule the report, using the Microsoft Excel file format.
    • Include the report’s name and prompt values in your email.
    • Share any client ID numbers of interest.
    • Attach a copy of the report and/or include screenshots of the issue.

Reminder: Before attaching a report or including screenshots in an email, remove Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like client names and Social Security Numbers!

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