Documenting a Consented HMIS ROI

Any client wishing to share their information between service providers must give their consent on the HMIS Release of Information (ROI). To correctly document a consented ROI in HMIS, two pieces of information must be added to a record's Client Profile tab: the word “SHARED” must be entered into the Alias field and the Date of ROI Consent field in the Universal Profile section must have a single value.


It is the responsibility of the agency creating a shared client record to add documentation of a Release of Information (ROI) on the Client Profile tab. If a client has not consented to statewide data sharing, refer to the article How do I create a client record that is closed to data sharing? for alternative instructions.

Add “SHARED” to the Alias field when creating a Client Record:

Add a date to the Date of ROI Consent field on the Universal Profile on the Client Profile tab:
*Never override a previously entered ROI date. It is the responsibility of the agency with the first signed ROI (the agency creating the shared client record) to complete this field. ROIs do not expire. If the date field is completed and a new ROI is signed, the new date should not be entered into this field. In fact, if there is a date here you do not need to ask the client to sign a new ROI!

If a parent or guardian has provided consent to share their minor child(ren)'s data statewide, you will need to document this in each client record by repeating steps 1-2 from above.

Note: Currently, adding ROI information to the ROI tab is for agency use only. Agencies can decide whether or not to use this tab to document ROI status, but it is not required. The ROI tab is not shared statewide, so it is not an effective way to document a consented ROI.

Check Your Work!

Run the ROI Clean Up Report to view clients created on or after 10/3/2016 with an ROI signed. This report identifies every client created by a selected provider since 10/3/2016. Running the report will assist you in updating existing client records with the ROI documentation process. The report is located in the BusinessObjects folder: SSA >> 2. MN Data Quality Tools

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